What is Odoo?


Odoo is an open source ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution made up of an integrated suite of business modules.  The modules that make up the ERP include a CMS (Content Management  System), Project Management, eCommerce, Finance, Sales and Marketing, Purchasing, POS (Point of Sale), Manufacturing, Human Resources and many more.  Being a modular system means that it gives its customers the ability to start with a sub set of functionality and build over time by adding new modules to their ERP.

Why should you choose Odoo?

With more than 3 million users of Odoo worldwide Odoo continues to revolution the professional ERP market.

Here are some of the key benifits:

  • Odoo is full of features to cover most areas in your business
  • Odoo has a community version (which is free to try)
  • Odoo allows for customisation (both simple and complex).  It is built to be extendable,  this means you can meet 100% of your needs
  • Odoo can be customised to integrate with a range of technologies
  • Odoo is user-friendly
  • Odoo covers all functional areas of your business
  • Odoo has a large and established community of users, developers and partners
  • Odoo can provide professional support



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